About Adamjee

Dear guest,

Being a Karachite, its obvious that you must have heard about the Adamjee Coaching Centre. The 18 years of continuous struggle and service has made us to feel the necessity of having campuses at various locations of Karachi, keeping in mind Adamjee Coaching Centre has 23 campuses in Karachi to get into the reach for every one.

The 13th Campus of Adamjee, situated in Riffah-e-Aam, Malir is trying its best to reach all areas of Malir, Under the supervision of its Director Mr. Javed Ahmad, its progressing at full 

Teaching Staff

The Adamjee Coaching faculty is as broad ranging in its interests and expertise as it is distinguished. It includes prominent Teachers of physics, chemistry, maths as well as leading specialists in every area of education. Over 10+ full-time teachers are joined us as tutors in the in our offered courses. In addition, dozens of guest lecturers help to make Adamjee Coaching a vibrant intellectual community